Interested in Trying Scuba?


Try Scuba

 PADI "Discover Scuba" Class--Adam's Scuba University

 - Adam Spielvogel, (832) 515-1521




 SSI "Try Scuba" Class--Gary Conner

 - (832) 454-8801



  SSI "Try Scuba" Class--Sea Sports Scuba

 - Ed Bergemann, (832) 515-9493



- Cost is $30 and includes all training and equipment for the session.  Cost is credited toward your Open Water certification class should you choose to get certified.

- All students must complete a medical/waiver form found here.

     -- Answer the questions truthfully--your health and wellness depend on it! You must write "YES" or "NO" on each line; think before you write as "cross-outs" for mistakes are not allowed.

     -- If you write "YES" on any box on the medical form, you must see your doctor to sign off this additional form before you can get in the pool.

- Students under 18:  your parent must accompany you to Sea Sports Scuba to watch a 7-minute video and then sign a form.

- HINT:  Download the "DiveSSI" App on your cell phone.  Request a login/password and sign in.  From there you can actually do a couple of chapters of the Open Water Class, which will get you started for future classwork should you choose to get certified. From the main menu, go to Programs and Cards, then Courses. Slide over to Open Water Diver. Follow instructions to download the materials.