Photos from our "Try Scuba" Event Saturday, Feb 23rd, 2019


Instructor Ed Bergemann covering the basic science behind scuba diving with Hollie and Hayden.


Ed discussing effects of pressure on the human body.


Getting into the pool and gearing up.


Demonstrating how to don the Buoyancy Compensator.


Ensuring all equipment is where it should be.


Almost ready to submerge.


Hollie giving the "OK" signal.


Hayden waving to the camera.


Swimming around the pool.


Hayden throwing the torpedo.


Hollie and Lt Col McMartin.


Hayden fist-bumping Ed after successfully clearing his mask under water.


Ed explaining how to share air in an emergency situation.


Hollie swimming and waving, or maybe waving and swimming.


Hayden giving the "OK" signal.


Hayden sharing his air supply with Hollie in a simulated emergency.


One last lap around the pool.


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